Recent Work

Procedural Terraingen

Voxelbased, procedural terrain generation for floating islands

My bachelor thesis. Made with Unity3D. Procedurally generated terrain for virtual worlds with floating islands. Multithreading makes the generation more performant. > MORE <

Shaman Dance Game

Shaman, Dance!

A game made with Unity3D for the Global Game Jam 2016.
We were 3 programmers, 4 designers and 1 sound guy.

Velociraptor Game

Velociraptor Cyborg Post Apokalypse!

This game was made for the Ludum Dare #34 game jam (2015).

Rubiks Cube PSVita

Rubiks Cube for PS Vita

A solvable Rubiks Cube for PSVita. Front- and Backtouch of the device can be used to control the cube.

Unspoiled Storytelling


A project for storytelling class. Realised with RPG Maker VXAce.

WallBuildingAI for RTS Games

Wall Building AI for RTS Games

A wall building AI for real-time strategy games. Made with Unity for my AI class project. > Webplayer version <

MeshBrush Editor Script

Mesh Brush Unity Plugin

An editor script for Unity3D which allows you to draw textures on custom meshes and place objects on it.

Pariah Game


This "horror"-game was a group project in cooperation with intermedia design students. > MORE <


Chacra Collector

A little java game I made for my father's jewelry brand.

Space Game Test

Space Game Test

Hobby project in my first semester. Made with Slick2D (Java) to experiment with some ideas I had.

Frogger variation

Frogger Variation

The first game we had to develop in the first semester. Made with Slick2D (Java).